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Worried about the size of your penis? Here is a guide for what to do

Men love to one or two inches bigger

Irrespective of what size of penis he has, all men would love to wish that it was at least one or two inches longer. Boys will be boys and after spending hours and hours reading up on penis enlargement they will be so anxious that they would not mind trying out any kind of treatment or therapy that claims to enlarge their penile length and girth

The penis enlargement therapists laugh all the way to the banks

Because men are so after enlarging their penile size that they do not think more than two times over it, it has spawned an industry where the dubious and the crafty have been able to mint millions in profits after cashing in on the insecurities that a majority of humanity has regarding the size of their organs.

What are the options available today for enlargement of manhood

  • Firstly, there are the enlargement pills
  • Then, there are enlargement creams and gels
  • There are stretch exercises that claim to make quite a difference to the size
  • Penis extension devices that claim to make difference too
  • And last but not the least surgery to enhance the size of the penis.

Are there any side effects to the penis enlargement techniques?

While some of the techniques will take a toll on you even when you start them there are others that look downright horrible and humiliating. And some of the techniques can let you end up in serious kind of soup. There are also instances where surgery down there can be botched up by surgeons who are worth their name in gold and still some of the serious kind of side effects can occur and that can put your sex and personal life in serious jeopardy.

This is what Mr. Micheal O’Leary says: One of the most renowned Urologists teaching at Harvard says that if mankind ever knew the secret of enlargement of the penis, the entire humanity would queue out outside to have their penis sizes extended. In reality that can never happen. So, there is no science which can say that for sure if you do so and so exercises or consume a combination of such herbs your size will increase. No, there is nothing like that and thus no product or company can ever claim to give you a hundred percent guarantee that their product will make a big difference in the size! Professor Thomas J Walsh also opines on similar lines. He says that there has never been any scientific breakthrough and by that we mean that there is absolutely no logical conclusion that pill enlargement equipments and devices can increase the size of the phallus. He adds that there is no such thing that can instantly increase the size of the penis. It is never like pop a pill and you are big thing!

What happens during erection?

The penis is the reproductive organ of the male. It contains a lot of spongy nerve endings that fill with blood when there is an erection. These fibrous cylindrical nerve endings and muscles are fixed to the pelvic bone. The reason why we need to know this fact is that when the enlargement pills and gel companies claim that they can help you perform better what they mean is that they will help a lot more blood flow into them and help you reach an erection faster than normal. But they do not and cannot say that they will make you bigger there.

The enlargement pill is filled with herbal goodness and carries a lot of natural ingredients that are proven to be beneficial to the sexual and the physical health of the consumer. The ingredients in the product are also guaranteed to energize the person consuming them so that they can last longer in bed and till their partner reaches an orgasm. They also give him a faster erection and thus the process of climax is pushed further because it increases the vitality in him and helps him give her more pleasure till she is screaming in pain asking him to stop. You can even get supplements such as Semenax that increase semen volume and sexual pleasure. Wouldn’t you just love to be there in his shoes?

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